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Lobster or King Crab Stainless Steel Scissors!

An excellent seafood tool to clean and devein shrimp.

Attention Seafood Lovers… 

For the best experience you have ever had with a lobster, you need Lobster-Louie, the one of a kind gourmet lobster tool (scissors or shears) to enjoy your meal without spending the whole evening fighting a tough shell.

Lobster Louis is designed…

  • To pefectly fit your hand with a light and comfortable grasp
  • Cut effortlessly through the shell of lobster or king crab
  • To Work  both  LEFT or RIGHT hands
  • Stainless steel blades to last a lifetime
  • Comfortable handles to give power to the most delicate hands
  • Perfect seafood tool to clean and devein shrimp


Lobster-Louie is a lobster tool for crab and lobster seafood lovers!

4 Ways to Order! 

  • Order with your Paypal account
  • Credit Card
  • Phone  574-303-2173
  • Check or Money Order 

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The perfect Promotional Gift for Promoting your Business!

The most unique and exciting product that you can imagine for your next corporate promotion! A real treat…send everyone a Lobster-Louie and your promotion will be an automatic winner.


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